5 World Class Growth Stocks for 2018

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Quality Growth Spell

Fast Growing, Cash Producing Companies
orange wand

In this spell, we take all non-financial and utility stocks with an over $500 million market cap and both a 3 Year Average Revenue Growth Rate AND Cash Return on Capital figure in the top 20% of the market. This group of stocks are then ranked by those growth and cash return figures, and the top 50 are shown here.

Successful long term (3+ year) investments are made with the stocks of growing companies with sustainable competitive advantages. Revenue growth is the truest measure of how fast a company is growing, and cash return on capital helps to identify companies with strong competitive advantages. We use cash instead of earnings here as many growth-stage firms utilize stock-based compensation which skew earnings, sometimes dramatically. As always, members can modify it to your liking using the Spell Caster tool!

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Tracking Portfolios
blue wand Magic Recipe 33.56%
purple wand Deep Value 26.96%
orange wand Quality Growth 54.79%
green wand Green Team 16.01%
red dot Red Rating 8.00%
yellow dot Yellow Rating 20.92%
green dot Green Rating 28.22%
New Spell Stocks
blue wand Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (EGRX)
purple wand New Stocks Added!